Meet The Team


Dr. Ajay Nair

CEO & Co-Founder,

Bibliophile, Gourmand, Mr. Fixit, Perpetual Optimist

They call me a dreamer, but I am the one who doesn't sleep.


Gautam Ivatury


Pianist, Triathlete, Soccer Team Raiser

I will solve your problem and you will pay me!


Vahishta Mistry

Product Lead,

Traveller, Photographer, Cat lover, Farmer, Chef and Writer

Is there anything I can't do? I think not! :)


Ankur Singhvi

VP Engineering,

NASA trained Scientist, Gadget Lover, Salesman, Math Snob

I see things you don't see! Virtual Reality FTW!


Dr. Upal Vyas

Physician Success Lead

Pharmacologist extraordinaire, Phoenix, Firebrand

I can and I will. Watch me!


Dr. Urvi Pai

Customer Service Lead

Miniature megaphone, Magpie, Dynamo, Paycillin's Mummy

Me? Crazy? I could get off my unicorn and smack you!


Dr. Sucheta Chatur

Medical Manager

Health Nut, Braveheart, Party animal

Not all angels have wings, some have stethoscopes.


Srinivas Valluri

Senior Architect,

Neat freak, Reverse Progerian, Soft-Cookie Monster, Watch hoarder

I am cut from a different cloth and they don't make that fabric anymore.


Rajan Sanghvi

Software Engineer

Movie Junkie, Businessman, Risk taker

Inhibitions, woh kya hota hai?


Kunal Bhavsar

Software Engineer

Charades Champion, Non-bathroom Singer, Adrenaline Junkie

Work hard and party (way) harder!


Rashmi Tondare

Software Engineer

Harry Potter Fanatic, Pâtissière, Wonder woman

I am not meant to fly... I am meant to soar.


Uttam Shirole

Software Engineer

Daddy dearest, Flutist, Flash-esque

I don't say as much, but I listen a lot.


Shahana Khan

Accounts Lead

Office-maker, Best Biryani Bearer,(S)Hero

My actions are faster than your thoughts!


Vinayak Wake

Admin Manager

Perfectionist, Hardworker, Kishore Kumar Music Aficionado

I am all about making an impact, not making an income.


Sheldon Pais

Quality Assurance Engineer

Instagram Foodie, Rashtrabhasha Enthusiast (Not!), In house Hypochondriac, Fitness Freak

I don't like to break things. I like to dispel the illusion that things work! ;)


Rajeshree Suryawanshi

Physician Success Executive

Fashionista, Selfie-Queen, Mrs. Giggles, Emergency Intercom-ER

Leaving a little sparkle everywhere I go!

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